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Dentures or oral implants? Options for dental implants in Cheltenham

Dating back to 7000BC in Italy, dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for centuries. Over time, animal teeth, human teeth and even carved stone have been used to try and help those wearing them to grind their food and to bite.

Luckily, modern dentistry has moved a bit further along than that!

Dental Implants in CheltenhamMany people who have dentures in today’s society have them bespoke fitted by a dentist, have access to advice on how to look after them correctly and even have cleaning solutions to soak them in overnight.

However, many users of dentures report not feeling entirely secure when using them. Even though there are denture adhesives in every chemist across the UK, denture wearers often complain about their dentures moving or rubbing against their gum line, causing irritation and ulcers. Now that is unpleasant!

Dental implants vs dentures

While we do not believe that dentures should be put on the back shelf, they are not suitable for everyone. If you are a younger person with gaps in their teeth from an accident, you may not like the idea of wearing dentures.

Dental implants in Cheltenham are a great option for either replacing missing teeth or securing dentures in your mouth. This will allow you to be able to eat any food you wish without worrying, while also giving you the freedom to laugh and speak without feeling your teeth are becoming loose.

Also, you don’t have to worry about them becoming damaged through storage, they are fitted to your jawline and will only need to removed for inspection by one of our dentists if required. They are just like real teeth in almost every way.

Will having dental implants placed hurt?

This is a very common question we are asked about dental implants in Cheltenham at our dental surgery.

Individuals who have had dental implants fitted have stated that having a tooth extracted is more painful, so discomfort associated with this procedure is minimal. If you are concerned about the level of discomfort you experience post fitting, please contact us.

How long will it take?

The length of time it will take having dental implants fitted in Cheltenham depends on how much work you are having done. For a small number of dental implants, we can have them designed, created and fitted all on the same day.

How much will it cost?

Again, the overall cost for having your dental implants fitted is difficult to estimate, as you may need preparation work and aftercare based on your individual needs.

Before you have any implants fitted, you will need to have a consultation with one of our dentists. This will allow them to discuss with you the level of work that they may feel you need and how much it will cost.

Remember, this initial cost should only be taken as an estimate, the prices may change due to aftercare.

Contact us today for more information on implants.

Dental braces in Cheltenham, spoilt for choice!

We all had at least one friend growing up who had braces. More than likely the braces we remember are professionally known as ‘fixed braces’ and were often offered as standard on the NHS to teenagers and young children.

Braces in CheltenhamFixed braces are great for straightening misaligned teeth, but are not very visually pleasing. Dentistry has evolved since the time of the traditional metal braces and now a wide range of different braces are available, many of which are less visible but provide all the dental realignment you may require.

Different types of braces

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we are able to provide you with different types of braces depending on what our dentists recommend to leave you with the best results.

The braces in Cheltenham that we provide fall into two distinct groups, orthodontic and cosmetic.

Our orthodontic braces are fitted by our specialist orthodontist. These braces are typically prescribed to help with dental problems that affect the entire mouth, or multiple teeth on the upper or lower jaws.

Our cosmetic braces are often removable as well as being more discreet than the orthodontic version. You can get your discreet braces in Cheltenham fitted by a qualified dentist as they do not require an orthodontist. These braces are also often removable and are designed to realign the teeth visible at the front of the mouth. Cosmetic braces are only fitted if you have fewer dental alignment problems to address.

Caring for your braces

If you have been fitted with orthodontic braces, there are no major lifestyle changes you will have to make in order to maintain them.

However, in order to ensure that your braces do not become damaged, we advise against eating any hard or sticky foods, as well as consumption of any foods or drinks that are high in sugar. With fitted braces, sugary foods can lead to discolouration or marks forming on your teeth.

We also suggest that you cut your food up into smaller pieces, rather than biting off large chunks, as this can potentially cause your braces to become unstuck or damaged.

What to expect when wearing braces

Whether you are wearing cosmetic or orthodontic braces, wearing them can take some getting used to.

Talking may feel different for a while and you may be more aware of your teeth, but don’t worry. Wearing braces of any kind will pay off in the long term when you have straight, perfectly aligned teeth.

When brushing your teeth, you may need to change your technique slightly but remember to take your time. Oral hygiene is even more important when you have braces.

Finally, if you feel some discomfort, particularly with orthodontic braces, be aware that this is part of the process. Your teeth are gradually being moved into a different position and a mild level of discomfort is normal and to be expected.

If you have any concerns about having your dental braces in Cheltenham fitted, talk to your dentist.

Dental Implants in Cheltenham allow you to be care-free

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, it is our mission to provide the highest standard of contemporary dentistry and cosmetic procedures in an environment that reflects our calming, and considerate nature. For the past ten years our in house team of expert dental practitioners have been utilising their combined experience of over two decades worth of cosmetic dentistry experience. We provide the local residents of Cheltenham with a dental experience like no other. We pride ourselves on putting the unique needs and requirements of each of our patients at the forefront of everything we do. We offer a bespoke patient centred dental experience which caters to each individual patient, rather than opting for the one-size-fits-all approach that is favoured by many practices across the country. It is this commitment to providing such an extensive level of care and consideration for our patients that has helped us gain such a high level of esteem from within the local Cheltenham community.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamBridging the gaps

Dental implants in Cheltenham are a very popular alternative to sporting a gap where a tooth should be . This is a cosmetic procedure which is only general opted for in instances where teeth are damaged beyond repair – and act as a prosthetic solution to large gaps within a patient’s mouth. The process of installing dental implants initially begins with lengthy consultations between the patient and a practitioner whom they trust wholeheartedly, sharing a good rapport. During these informal consultations, the practitioner will cover the basics of the procedure, and once the patient is happy with the process, treatment can begin. The process of installing dental implants in Cheltenham initially beings with a small hole being drilled into the patient’s gum, in the gap where the missing tooth or teeth would be. Then a small titanium screw is placed into the hole and left to heal. After a brief healing period – during which time the titanium fuses with the bone in the patients gum – a replica tooth (or denture) constructed from porcelain or plastic is then screwed into place, and thus the gap is bridged with a lifelike tooth. Treatment of this sort can have a massively positive effect on a patient’s self-esteem and confidence as it restores their confidence and once again affords them the ability to smile fully – without being embarrassed by large gaps or spaces in their mouths.

Cosmetic alignment

We offer braces in Cheltenham in various forms . Cosmetic braces are particularly popular here amongst young adults and teenagers, as – unlike conventional ‘train-track’ braces, they do not affect the patient’s outward appearance, and are often removable and as such allow them the ability to undergo essential dental realignment discreetly. Here at Cheltenham Dental Spa we offer a range of cosmetic braces, including Incognito braces, Damon aligners and Clear braces. Incognito braces are similar to conventional fused ‘train-track’ braces in that they are fixed to the front of a patient’s teeth – however, rather than using clearly detectable alloy metal aligners, Incognito braces use clear see through plastic alloys that are far less visible when worn. Damon aligners are removable retainers that are custom fitted to the contours of a patient’s teeth, when worn, they gradually align the patient’s teeth to their correct specifications. Clear braces are again similar to Incognito braces, however they are constructed from white plastic that is colour matched to the pigment of the patient’s surrounding teeth, and as such makes them virtually undetectable when worn.

A different sort of dentist

Here at Cheltenham Dental Spa, we’ve been fully committed to providing a warm, friendly and atmospheric dental environment for all our clientele during the past 6 years. Making the dental experience as enjoyable and comfortable as it can be, for all patients – young and old – has been at the centre of our ethos since the clinic was first opened in 2013 by Dr Ghaleb Karein and his wife Donna. Between them they have an excess of 14 years dental experience behind them, as well as two active and vibrant young children – so understand first-hand the minefield between young children and the dentist’s chair. This being so, they launched their ‘Tooth Fairy Clinic’ which aims to educate and introduce youngsters to dentistry in a non-scary and engaging way and build their confidence in all aspects of dental care and treatment.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamCosmetic aligners

One aspect of dentistry that is commonly needed by both children and adults, and is offered here at Cheltenham Dental Spa, is the installation of braces. There are two main categories of braces – cosmetic, and orthodontic. The latter requires a visit to a qualified orthodontist’s, and is only needed in cases of severe alignment issues, and cosmetic braces are available from dentists such as us and are primarily used to treat more visible teeth only. Cosmetic braces are discreet and can often be removed, and as such are generally favoured over fused orthodontic treatments, vastly boosting a patient’s self-esteem and confidence whilst restoring their smile.

Discrete orthodontics

We offer various forms of cosmetic dental treatments, such as Invisalign, Incognito braces, Clear braces, Damon braces and Inman aligners. Invisalign is a custom made retainer, constructed from a mould of the patient’s mouth, which – when worn, gradually aligns the patient’s teeth to their required specifications – set out before treatment begins. The benefits of Invisalign is that the retainer is removable, and thus can be worn at a patient’s leisure, and the mouthguard is also practically invisible when worn. Incognito braces are similar to typical ‘train-track’ braces in that they are fused to the patient’s teeth, however they are virtually undetectable as they are fixed to the back of the patient’s teeth rather than the front. Clear braces are again similar to conventional fused braces, however they are constructed from a clear plastic-alloy and as such are undetectable from the outside. Damon braces are similar to Clear braces, only they are fused to the teeth with clear or white ceramics, and thus are again difficult to detect from the outside. Inman aligners are similar to Invisalign, however they are primary used to combat protruding teeth and are worn for shorter time frames and made of a less malleable material.

Dental implants in Cheltenham

Another service that is available here at Cheltenham Dental Spa is the installation of dental implants. Unlike dental aligners, dental implants in Cheltenham are only generally used when teeth have been lost or are damaged beyond repair. The process of installing dental implants in Cheltenham begins with a small hole being made in the root of the patient’s mouth, in the gap where the tooth is missing. A titanium screw is then inserted into the gum, and given a period of time to heal. During this period, the titanium fuses with the bone. After which, a new replica tooth (or denture) constructed from ceramics is placed on the screw and thus the gap between the teeth is filled and the patient can once again smile.

Putting smiles on the faces of Cheltenham

There for everybody

For the past six years, a devoted team of dental practitioners at Cheltenham Dental Spa have been fully committed to providing patients with a relaxed and atmospheric dental experience, helping to make dentistry as soothing and pain free as it can possibly be. Initially the practice was opened in 2013 by married couple Dr Ghaleb and Donna Karein who, combined, have the shared experience of over 14 years of cosmetic dentistry behind them – plus the invaluable life skills involved in raising two vibrant and active youngsters. It is the exercise of raising these youngsters that spurred the married couple to launch their ‘Tooth Fairy Clinic’ which was established as a fun filled way of educating children on the importance and value of dental wellbeing in a captivating fashion.

Braces in CheltenhamCosmetic braces in Cheltenham

A common aspect of dentistry at Cheltenham Dental Spa, for both adults and children alike, is the installation of cosmetic braces. These forms of braces are primarily used to treat superficial issues such as protruding or misaligned teeth, and not in instances of serious damage where a specialist orthodontist may be called upon. Cosmetic braces are generally more discreet than conventional orthodontics such as typical fused ‘train-track’ braces which are clearly visible and can have a detrimental impact on a patient’s social wellbeing. Often cosmetic braces are removable and offer a large degree more flexibility for patients who wish to undergo essential dental realignment, without attracting a great deal of unwanted attention from peers or colleagues. Treatment of this sort can vastly boost a person’s self-esteem and confidence as they can carry out treatment at a time that is convenient to them – such as when sleeping or at home – and find their smiles restored to their fullest after their journey with braces in Cheltenham.

Discrete dental aligners

Various other forms of dental alignment procedures are on offer at Cheltenham Dental Spa, such as Clear braces, Damon aligners and Incognito braces. Clear braces are similar to conventional braces in Cheltenham that they are fused to the front of a patient’s mouth, however they are constructed from transparent plastic alloy which is matched to the pigment of a patient’s teeth and as such is far less noticeable. Damon aligners are retainers which are fitted to the contours of a patient’s teeth, and when worn gradually align their teeth to the specifications set out with a practitioner of their choosing before treatment beings.

Filling the gaps in patient’s smiles

Another service which is on offer at Cheltenham Dental Spa is the installation of dental implants. Implants are only generally offered as a last resort to deal with teeth that have been lost or damaged beyond repair. The process of installing dental implants consists of a small hole being drilled into the gap in the patient’s gum where the tooth or teeth are missing. Then a titanium screw is inserted into the gum and given time to heal. After a brief period, during which time the titanium fuses with the bone in the patient’s jaw, a replica tooth made of porcelain or plastic is then put in place and thus the gap is filled with a lifelike, good-as-new tooth. In our experience, treatment of this sort can vastly boost a patient’s self-confidence as they can once again smile and laugh, without worrying about exposing a large gap between teeth.

The lowdown on dental implants in Cheltenham

If you have one, or even all of your teeth missing, you may have had dental implants recommended as a possible permanent solution to your tooth loss. If you are contemplating dental implants as a treatment option, it’s good to get the lowdown on what they are and how they can enhance your life.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamWhat are dental implants?

In Cheltenham, dental implants are small metal screws made from titanium. Titanium interacts with our bodies in a very special way; it won’t corrode or cause irritation with the soft tissues in the mouth. It also encourages natural bone growth, stimulating the bone to grow onto the implant surface. The titanium screws anchor the implant in place providing a strong, stable base for a dental prosthetic such as a crown, bridge or denture onto the implant. We will use one or several implants to secure dental prosthetics in place.

How dental implants in Cheltenham will enhance your life

There are many advantages to dental implants, however there are two main areas of improvement.

No lifestyle changes

The first thing that may have changed when you lost teeth will be what you can and can’t eat. Chewing may have become problematic when eating dense or crunchy foods, meaning you’ll have cut them out of your diet. With dental implants there is no compromise; you can eat and drink anything you like. In addition, when you think of dentures, we often think of them soaking in a glass overnight. No matter what your age, this may feel like quite an adjustment to your lifestyle. With dental implants, since they are permanent, you don’t need to take them out for cleaning, you just brush and floss as normal.

Supporting your long-term oral health

Without the support of your tooth roots, your jawbone will start to deteriorate. This creates two potential problems for your mouth. Firstly, surrounding teeth can start to shift and fall into the gaps. Over time this will lead to further tooth loss. Secondly, since the facial muscles are no longer supported by the jawbone, the cheeks sag, prematurely aging you.

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we can advise you on whether dental implants could be the permanent, long-term solution to your tooth loss.

About our clinic

It’s our aim to treat every patient with the utmost care and attention. More than this, it’s in our interest to ensure we’re up-to-date with modern treatments and techniques used to provide braces in Cheltenham. This ensures we’re consistently giving a high standard of treatment. Cheltenham Dental Spa is a dentist situated in the heart of the community that’s been providing patients with the right braces for them in a welcoming, caring and professional environment.

Braces in CheltenhamWho are braces for?

Braces in Cheltenham are for both children and adults that need to adjust or realign the position of their teeth. Having misaligned teeth or over-crowding can cause dental problems for a patient and make it hard to clean certain teeth properly. There are many types of braces available to help with solving this problem.

Fixed braces

These are braces that are attached to the teeth that need adjusting for the appropriate length of time. They’re available either as metal, ceramic or thinner, more transparent material, each designed to suit varied needs. As they’re fixed on the teeth, they’re proven to achieve a greater effect for patients with more complex issues of misalignment.

Removable braces

As suggested, these braces can be taken out each day for purposes such as eating and drinking, but do still need to be worn for the majority of the day. People with moderate realignment issues can use these and they’re often chosen by patients who want braces that are more discreet in appearance.

How long to wear braces for

Wearing braces is a relatively long-term commitment, which can be anything between 6 months up to 2 years. It takes time for the teeth to realign and this is most effective when it happens over a gradual and subtle process.

Book a consultation

Our dentists are experienced with providing braces in Cheltenham and have worked with patients with all types of needs. They’re competent at finding out from patients what they want to achieve, while also identifying the most suitable type of braces for them. One of our dentists can meet with you, complete an assessment and talk you through any questions or concerns you have about wearing braces. Do give us a call to find out more.

Regain your dental abilities

To have dental implants in Cheltenham is to regain the appearance and function of those teeth you have lost. At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we’ve been providing replacement teeth for many years using the techniques of implant dentistry. These teeth will fully integrate with your jawbone, and thus provide the same level of strength as your natural ones. As well as that, your new teeth will be fully customised so they fit in with your dental appearance, and perform their tasks effectively.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamMaking things better

Advances in dental technology mean that contemporary replacement teeth are of a high standard. Temporary solutions like dentures and bridges are carefully constructed from durable materials. However, dental implants provide a significantly longer-lasting solution with a welcome degree of user-friendliness. Once you’ve received your dental implants in Cheltenham, you won’t need to learn how to use clips or adhesives. The new teeth simply remain in your mouth. If you care for them properly, your dental implants in Cheltenham will last for decades.

Another advantage of dental implants in Cheltenham is that they help preserve your facial bone structure. After prolonged tooth loss, the bones beneath your face can deteriorate, which produces a sunken appearance. Implants help to prevent this process.

Receiving dental implants in Cheltenham

We’re always happy to talk to you about what the process of having implants means for you, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. When you’re ready, we’ll take detailed measurements of your mouth, so that your replacement teeth can be produced with precision. If your jawbone isn’t quite dense enough, we might need to do a bit of preliminary treatment to get you prepared.

Then we’ll place the implants – small, screw-like metal posts – into your jawbone during a minor surgical process. After a short rest, you’ll return to our practice to have the custom-made substitute teeth securely attached to the posts.

Dental implants in Cheltenham can be a major transformation in your overall experience of oral health. We can use them to replace any number of lost teeth, from a single one to the entire set.

More than straight teeth – benefits of braces in Cheltenham

Straight teeth look great in pictures and can make your smile stand out, but unfortunately, not many people are born with a set of pearly whites. Wearing braces will help restore your teeth into their correct position. And we have great news. You don’t need to wear metal braces to straighten your teeth and improve your bite – discreet braces can help just as well.

Braces in CheltenhamAt Cheltenham Dental Spa, we have treated patients with many different types of dental misalignment over the years. However, many patients find it difficult to realise the dangers caused by misaligned teeth. Our team of experienced dentists will help you understand the benefits of cosmetic braces in Cheltenham with a focus on your oral health.

Tooth decay and gum disease

Overcrowded teeth that overlap each other, create tiny and tight spaces in your mouth where bacteria can hide easily. Even if you brush and floss every day, it is almost impossible to remove plaque from these hard-to-reach places. And visiting the dentist for cleanings every few months is not financially viable. With braces in Cheltenham, your teeth will become properly aligned again and you will be able to brush and floss them effectively.

Pressure on the jawbone

Besides your oral health, misaligned teeth can also have an impact on your general health. Irregular bite patterns can cause jawbone problems leading to headaches and serious pain. Moreover, problems such as protruding front teeth can also be risky, especially if you are into contact sports. Also, patients with bite problems are at a greater risk of having their teeth chipped and cracked while eating.

Speech difficulties

Our teeth are necessary for speaking and performing many oral activities and when they are not properly aligned many problems can occur, such as lisps. Braces in Cheltenham will help you speak clearly and without problems.

Get in touch

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our braces. You can contact us either by phone or by email and we will book a consultation appointment for you. Not convinced? We are here to change your smile and simplify your life.

Taking control with braces in Cheltenham

You can’t control everything in life, but you can take charge of the appearance of your teeth with braces from Cheltenham Dental Spa. The feeling of making a consultation appointment followed by taking positive action can put a spring in your step.

Braces take a little time to achieve their goal, but you can enjoy the journey in the meantime with help and tips from the team at Cheltenham Dental Spa.

Braces in CheltenhamChoose the right braces in Cheltenham

It may surprise you to know that you could have a choice when it comes to your braces in Cheltenham. Some misalignments require traditional methods to get the results you want. However, many cosmetic teeth alignment plans incorporate modern braces in Cheltenham that are comfortable and discreet.

Depending on the type of work you need, you may be able to choose clear aligners, discreet fixed braces, or lingual equipment that fit on the backs of the teeth. Choosing the right braces for your lifestyle will help you to enjoy the journey of teeth straightening.

Take good care of your teeth

Teeth straightening inevitably requires you to adapt your dental hygiene routine at least a little bit. If you choose fixed braces, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to get into all the nooks and crannies in your equipment. This might include interdental brushes and mouthwash. If you are using aligners, you need to be aware of the fact that any food trapped behind your aligner can compromise your dental hygiene and freshness. The best way to prevent this is to get used to brushing your teeth before each time that you insert your aligner.

Visit us regularly

For the duration of your treatment, the team at Cheltenham Dental Spa are here to make sure you are happy and that your treatment is on track. You can talk to us about any problems that you might be having with your teeth straightening journey. We have plenty of experience helping people to have a positive experience with braces. Most concerns are minor, and they have quick and easy solutions. All you need to do is ask us at your regular check-up appointments.