Improve your smile

Dental implants in Cheltenham are changing the way our patients live. Let our experienced and knowledgeable implant dentists here at Cheltenham Dental Spa help you rediscover the confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life. We believe that everyone deserves a smile to be proud of.

Dental-Implants-in-CheltenhamDental implants in Cheltenham consist of titanium posts which are placed directly into the jawbone where teeth are missing. The bone will bond and fuse seamlessly with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth.

Before dental implants, there were no securely fixed prosthetics available for people who had lost all their teeth. Today, we can replace a full jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge that results in a durable, stable and highly aesthetic solution. Dental implants in Cheltenham are versatile solution to missing teeth and even better, there’s no need to destroy your healthy tooth structure in the process.

The benefits

Dental implants have no visible metal fixtures; once finished, they appear to be healthy, natural teeth, bringing back the smile had lost.

A single crown or a bridge supported by a dental implant functions like your natural teeth. You can speak, eat, and smile as you would naturally. Even full dentures are at their most secure and reliable when fixed using dental implants in Cheltenham.

Cleaning dental implants is also simple. You brush and floss the way you would with your natural teeth. This means you can care for them without changing your everyday routine.

The benefits of dental implants in Cheltenham go far beyond just the aesthetic – they can also help prevent bone deterioration and preserve your facial structure.

Why choose us?

Our dedicated and experienced team at Cheltenham Dental Spa will make the dental implant process smooth and seamless for you. We continually work with the top implant providers to offer you the latest technology and techniques available.

We will guide you through each step of the implant process, from placing the dental implant to restoring the final tooth. We will help you to keep your dental implants for many years to come and potentially a lifetime with the correct care.

Braces without brackets

If you have been toying with the idea of getting your teeth straightened, but do not fancy having to wear brackets and wires fixed with cement on your teeth, then Invisalign might be the treatment for you.

If you are looking for braces in Cheltenham, Invisalign is available from us at Cheltenham Dental Spa, and we think you’ll love its many benefits.

Braces in CheltenhamHard to see

Among the many so-called invisible braces systems, Invisalign really can claim to be almost invisible. Instead of brackets and wires, you get very thin, 0.3mm, transparent, thermoplastic resin trays called aligners. These aligners look like bite-guards. They snap on very snugly over the teeth, and disappear. Co-workers and friends will have to peer at you very closely to spot them. And you won’t be given away by that tell-tale braces lisp because Invisalign doesn’t interfere with speech in the way that traditional ‘train track’ metal braces can.

This alternative to traditional braces in Cheltenham also has the benefit of being removable. When you can the aligners out, you can eat what you like without worrying about what might get stuck in the equipment, or held against your teeth to discolour or cause decay. Removable systems are also much easier to clean, just take out the Invisalign aligner, clean it, and put it back in.

Also, should you absolutely have to (maybe you are getting married) you can leave your aligners out a few hours while you attend a particularly important occasion. You must put the aligners back in as soon as you can however, as you need to wear them for at least 20 hours a day if you are to stick to the straightening schedule. The number of aligners you will get through depends very much on your individual alignment issues.

When you come to us at the Cheltenham Dental Spa for an initial consultation about Invisalign braces in Cheltenham, we will show you a computer simulation of the path your teeth will need to reach alignment. You will get to see the end result, which is a great incentive to stick to your schedule.

To find out more about braces in Cheltenham, why not call us for an initial consultation?

Get your familiar old smile back, only better

We all do our best to avoid losing our teeth. However, sometimes teeth decay or crumble, or get knocked out. When they do, these days you have more choice about how to replace them than traditional dentures and bridges.

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, dental implants in Cheltenham provide a long-lasting alternative to dentures and fixed bridges. In recent years, dental materials and technology have greatly improved. Dental implants are one of the many modern advances that people are increasingly taking advantage of. So, no matter how many teeth you have lost, it’s worth finding out if dental implants would work for you.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamNot sure what dental implants are?

Fair enough. Until you lose a tooth, there’s no need to know that dental implants are tiny posts or screws made of titanium. We put them into artificial sockets that we drill into your jawbone. Titanium is the material of choice for all implants, because it encourages the bone around the implant to grow new tissue and blood vessels. The new bone tissues grows all over the surface of the implant, meshing with it and firmly securing it in place. After a couple of months, the implant will provide a stable chewing base that is unparalleled by other artificial teeth such as dentures. Once the implants have integrated with the jawbone, replacement teeth can be fitted on top of them for a complete restoration of missing teeth. With good dental hygiene, dental implants in Cheltenham can last you a lifetime.

What to expect when you have dental implants fitted

At our practice, dental implants in Cheltenham are fitted by our highly trained implant surgeons using a local anaesthetic. This is usually ample to ensure minimum discomfort in an area that has fewer nerve endings than teeth. But we can give you sedation if you are anxious and will not be able to relax during the implant surgery.

While your implants are embedding in your jawbone, you can carry on as normal, wearing any artificial teeth you already possess, until you come back for us to fit your custom-made replacement teeth. After that, as long as you take care of your oral health, your implants should never need to be replaced.

How do regular and cosmetic braces in Cheltenham differ?

If you are looking to straighten your smile and improve the health of your teeth, you will soon find out that there is no shortage of solutions. Different types of braces can be used to achieve a beautifully aligned smile. However, they accomplish this in different ways.

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we use traditional braces as well as cosmetic braces in Cheltenham in order to cover our patient’s needs. Both types of braces are effective and can fix quite a few teeth straightening problems; however, they look different and fix different types of problems. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth carefully, evaluate the extent of your alignment issues and help you decide which type of braces in Cheltenham is ideal for your individual needs.

Braces in CheltenhamWhat are traditional braces?

Traditional metal braces are fixed to the teeth and consist of a mechanism of brackets and wires. Metal braces are very effective and can correct a wide variety of different dental problems by applying constant pressure to the teeth and their roots.

Metal braces can fix problems with the position and alignment of your teeth as well as problems with the way your bite comes together. Conventional braces in Cheltenham can also solve problems with your occlusion and can create a harmonious smile, moving all your teeth in their correct positions, if necessary.

What are cosmetic braces?

Cosmetic braces are often more aesthetically appealing than regular braces; however, they use the same teeth straightening mechanism. For instance, Invisalign aligners help move the teeth into their correct position through a series of transparent, removable, plastic aligners. Cosmetic braces, such as Six Month Smiles, are designed to produce faster results, using low forces to move only your front six or eight teeth. Finally, Incognito braces work just like metal braces, but are entirely invisible because they are fixed behind the teeth.

Making a proper choice

There are lots of different braces in Cheltenham that can be used to give you a beautifully straight smile. The best way to find out more is to book a consultation with one of our dentists at Cheltenham Dental Spa.

The way forward with replacement teeth

Losing your teeth is never a pleasant experience. Whether it’s the sudden shock of an accidental knock-out, or the long, slow demise of decay and gum disease, the end result is the loss of an important body part and a gap where it used to be. It’s unsightly, especially if it’s at the front of your mouth, and without it, chewing and speaking clearly get a little bit harder. Lose more than a few, and you are in real trouble, and so are the rest of your teeth.

Dental-implants-in-Cheltenham-The question is: how are you going to replace those lost teeth? Have you thought about getting dental implants? In Cheltenham, they are becoming most people’s first choice for replacement teeth. At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we see more and more people coming in and asking for dental implants without even considering the more traditional alternatives.

Dental implants in Cheltenham are the modern solution for replacing teeth and yet they have now also been around long enough, about 40 years, to be considered tried and trusted. The experiments have been done and brilliant innovations made to use dental implants in situations that were never dreamt of at the beginning of their use.

It’s all about the jawbone

If you are losing your teeth, you need to get into see us as soon as you can after one falls out. What happens to your jawbone in the area where teeth have been lost can sometimes preclude you from having dental implants in Cheltenham. Without the root of the tooth in the bone sending down vibrations from the jaws bumping up against each other, the bone tissue thinks that it is no longer in use. It starts to dissolve itself and the area around a lost tooth can lose up to 25% of its density and size in the first year alone after a tooth is lost. This can make it harder to insert dental implants.

There are ways round this, such as sinus lifts, bone grafts and extra-long dental implants that anchor into the cheekbone rather than the upper jaw, but far better that we put in your implants without all that time-consuming and more costly treatment.

Confidence is key

Being a confident person is what gets you the apparently lucky breaks in life. You dare to say and do things that under-confident people shudder at the thought of. You also know when to say no and somehow don’t end up in those sticky situations that can so often come with a quiet voice of negativity inside. One sure-fire way to boost your confidence and improve how you relate to the world is to straighten out your wonky teeth with braces in Cheltenham.

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we know all about the difference that braces in Cheltenham can make to the way people relate to the world. We’ve seen the transformation time and time again. Someone comes in to see us, not quite looking directly at us, not really smiling, somehow not taking up their space in the room.

Braces in CheltenhamA few months later, with lovely straight teeth, they walk out, head held high, speaking more certainly and with a big grin on their face. Often they come back with tales of how things at work, or at school, or on the dating scene seem to have magically changed for them. They may think it’s just about having straight teeth, but we know that their whole demeanour has undergone a subtle yet radical transformation.

Don’t put it off

People have the mistaken idea that to wear braces as an adult is to undergo some kind of social torture, that everyone will be pointing and staring at them and asking endless rude questions about their treatment.

It is not like that anymore. Braces in Cheltenham are no longer heavy metal things that barely leave room in your mouth for speaking. The new generation of braces have been designed to be as minimal as possible and as convenient as possible too. Many are designed for use on only mild to moderate misalignments, which is what most people have, and so can be even smaller. The materials used are chosen to blend in with the mouth rather than dominate it: clear ceramic brackets, tooth-coloured wires, even clear plastic mouth guard-style aligners that disappear once they are in place and braces that go behind the teeth rather than on the fronts.

Dental implants: the go-to solution for restoring missing teeth

Losing teeth is something most us expect as we get older. However, accidents, injuries and poor dental health mean tooth loss can strike at any age. Whatever your age, if you have lost a tooth or teeth, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we offer our patients dental implants in Cheltenham as the most effective and durable tooth replacement solution around.

Why should you replace your missing teeth?

Losing teeth isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Of course, no one wants to smile widely and show off gaps in their teeth, but there is far more at stake if you don’t get dental treatment after tooth loss.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamGaps in your teeth can alter your speech, make eating and chewing more of a challenge, and put neighbouring teeth at risk of tilting into the gap. And that is just what is going on above your gum line. Below your gum line your jawbone will be worse for wear.

To remain strong and healthy, your jawbone needs to receive daily signals from your teeth clashing together. These signals are sent down into it via the tooth roots. No tooth roots, no signals, no reason for your jawbone to maintain its density and size. And so, it starts to shrink back, your gums start to recede, and your facial structure begins to sag.

While dentures and bridges can help deal with eating, chewing and smiling without gaps between your teeth, they can’t do anything about your deteriorating jawbone. That’s where dental implants in Cheltenham come into their own.

The power of dental implants

Dental implants are small titanium screws or posts that sit within the jawbone, acting as artificial tooth roots. Once replacement crowns or a bridge are attached, the dental implants send the necessary signals into the jawbone to keep it healthy and strong. What’s more, being anchored into the jawbone, means your replacement teeth give you back full chewing function, unlike dentures, which can only provide about 25% of the chewing force of natural teeth.

To find out more about dental implants in Cheltenham, get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to book you an appointment with one of our highly trained implant dentists.

Discretion is the name of the game with braces in Cheltenham

More and more patients are turning to the new generation of braces to straighten their teeth in their adult years. When you come to us at Cheltenham Dental Spa for braces in Cheltenham, we understand that what puts most people off having their teeth straightened is the thought of having to wear cumbersome metal braces for months or even years on end. But you don’t have to when you choose from our range of more discreet alternatives.

Discretion is an increasingly important aspect of braces in Cheltenham as increasing numbers of adult patients are searching for braces that do not take over their mouths.

descreet-bracesAt Cheltenham Dental Spa, we have collected together discreet treatments that feature both fixed and removable appliances. Both ways of straightening teeth have their own advantages. One may be better suited to your needs. You will need to come into our clinic for a consultation, so that we can thoroughly examine your teeth, jaws, bite and mouth in order to decide which system will provide the best treatment for you.

Not just cosmetic

Teeth straightening treatment goes into the category of cosmetic dentistry, because it is only available on the NHS for children with serious bite correction issues. However, the benefits of straighter teeth are not just aesthetic, there are definite health benefits too. Straighter teeth are likely to last longer because they are much easier to keep clean. Straight teeth have fewer hard-to-reach areas in which dental plaque can build up. This means that with regular visits to your dentist and hygienist, and good dental hygiene practices at home, you can reduce your risk of both gum disease and tooth decay.


More than four million people have used this system of clear, removable aligners that fit comfortably over the teeth to guide them into a new position. You change your aligners every week to 10 days, and can take them out to eat, drink, clean, and to brush your teeth.

Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear braces are both more discreet and more comfortable than their metal counterparts. They use a passive slide mechanism to maintain arch wires within the bracket, enabling them to move freely, thus reducing friction and binding.

Change your teeth, change your life

If you have been finding that your fixed bridge or dentures don’t really cut the mustard and they are now at the point of needing to be replaced, perhaps now is the time to consider upgrading to dental implants in Cheltenham.

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we believe that dental implants are the first choice for replacing lost teeth, whether it’s a single tooth, a few teeth or even all of your teeth.

The reason we are so keen on dental implants in Cheltenham is that they give much better functionality that either bridges or dentures.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamIt’s all about the roots

Nature designed our teeth to get their stability from being anchored into the jawbone. Unfortunately, neither dentures nor bridges use the jawbone at all.

Dentures rely on suction to the gums for their stability and at best can only offer about a quarter of the chewing power of natural teeth. Also, the gums tend to recede and the jawbone shrink when there are no longer teeth in it to stimulate bone cell renewal, which means that dentures become looser over time.

Bridges are fixed to neighbouring healthy teeth, borrowing off their roots for stability.

Dental implants however, are fixed into the jawbone to provide 100% of the stability of previous natural teeth. The titanium that the implants are made of stimulates the bone to grow new tissue all over the implants. This is what holds them in place and it is so effective that implants usually stay in place for decades.

The crowns

Dental implants in Cheltenham with us at Cheltenham Dental Spa can be used to replace even an entire arch of teeth. There is no need to have one implant per crown. One implant can support up to three teeth and an entire arch can be supported on between four and six of them.

Denture stabilisation

Dental implants in Cheltenham can also be used to give stability to wobbly dentures. We can either use new dentures or get your existing ones customised to attach to the implants.

Why not pop in for a consultation and find out how dental implants could change your life?

You’re never too old for straight teeth

If you think you have left it too late to get your teeth straightened, then think again. There is no upper age limit for treatment with braces in Cheltenham with us at Cheltenham Dental Spa. So, whether you are in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, or even your 70s, you can get that lovely straight smile you have been dreaming of.

But why have you left it so long? True, it has never been easier to get straighter teeth with braces in Cheltenham, but maybe you are put off by the idea of wearing cumbersome metal braces that will provoke unwanted comments from strangers and maybe even make you the butt of your friends’ jokes for months on end.

Braces in CheltenhamOr maybe, it’s the cost?

If either of these is the case, you’ll be glad to hear that we have solutions for both.

Discreet braces in Cheltenham

We are proud to offer a wide range of brace systems for discreet straightening, as well as the services of Dr Tomos Crandon, who has a special interest in teeth straightening.

If you want to get your teeth straightened, then, depending on what your misalignment issues are, we can offer fixed braces with discreet brackets and wires that blend in with your teeth. Brands include the well known Six Month Smiles, which is designed to the move the front six social teeth in an average time of just six months.

Invisalign is another popular straightening system. It does not use brackets and wires but mouth guard-style aligners that snap on over the teeth. They are so thin that, once they are in place, they cannot be seen. They don’t interfere with speech and are removed for eating, drinking and teeth cleaning. The average treatment time with Invisalign is a year.

The Inman Aligner is another removable device that straightens the very front teeth only, with pressure created by sandwiching the teeth between two spring-loaded aligner bars.

If cost is what keeps you from coming to see us for braces in Cheltenham, you may be eligible for 0% finance to help you spread the cost into monthly payments.