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sedation clinic

A calming, comfortable way to undergo a lengthy dental treatment

Sedation Dentistry is what we refer to as Sleep Dentistry. It’s a calming, comfortable way to undergo a lengthy dental treatment or if you have any level of Dental Phobia.

Sedation will keep you completely relaxed during your procedure, leaving you with no recall of the treatment itself.

If you would prefer to be completely relaxed while your procedure is taking place then ask us about Sleep Dentistry.

Sleep Dentistry is also really good for anyone who is particularly anxious about going to the Dentist or their Dental Treatment.

Whatever it is that triggers your fear from the smells and sounds associated with the Dentist to an involuntary gagging reflex you cannot control, they can all be calmly overcome with Sedation.

So what exactly is Sleep Dentistry?

Our qualified anaesthetist combines a sedative with a pain relieving medicine which they administer intravenously. This will induce a drowsy and dream like state, leaving you with no memory of the procedure afterwards. (Not to be confused with the more unconscious state of General Anaesthetic, Sedation Dentistry is much milder but extremely effective.)

Before accepting anyone for Sedation we do ensure that you are medically well beforehand. At Cheltenham Dental Spa the preparation is administered by qualified dental practitioner who has been especially trained in the area of Intravenous Sedation. At our Clinic our patients are monitored during the entire treatment while under Sedation.

Are there any Side-Effects?

When administered correctly side-effects are very rare.

However a few people can experience mild drowsiness for up to 24 hours after treatment but this is not typical. As with all anaesthetics, we put safeguards in place which mean side effects are very rare.

When attending our Sedation Clinic we do ask that after treatment you do not drive or take public transport and we ask for you to be accompanied on your way home.