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children's dentistry

Your children get to meet the real life tooth fairy
How much fun!

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we take time and effort, ensuring that children have a special experience when visiting the dentist and leave with a sparkle in their smiles.

Initially, visits to Cheltenham Dental Spa are made to help the child get to know the dentist and even meet the tooth fairy, making the experience a lot of fun. Dr Gore or Dr Karein will carry out the preliminary dental examinations on your child and our hygienist will encourage them to better brushing techniques and why keeping their teeth clean and healthy is so important.

They will be greeted by our tooth fairies on school holiday periods and will have opportunity to take away a little tooth fairy goody pack on their very first visit making their visit extra special.

We do encourage that they bring their favourite cuddly toy with them who can meet the dentist too.

Werecommend that twice yearlyare ideal for this
and will encourage healthy smiles your children can grow up to be proud of.

For fissure sealing or any problems identified in these visits, such as cavities, overcrowding or dental development will be dealt with by Dr Karein and his team.

Special sport mouth guards for children are also recommended and available through us and are an essential accessory for any child if potentially severe injuries are to be avoided.

Finally, at Cheltenham Dental Spa, we have a vast list of children’s services such as specialist private orthodontics with Dr Crandon.