About this treatment

Same day teeth is a modern dental implant procedure, which has been designed and developed for patients suffering from missing teeth, teeth of poor diagnosis or loose teeth.

  • The same day teeth procedure


    • The dentist will take an X-ray and impression of your jaw, to produce an exact copy as a study model
    • A removable denture will then be constructed for the intended teeth and will be transformed into a template for the CT scanning
    • If required, a CT scan may be taken to help visualise and diagnose the jaws 3 dimensionally, to ensure there is enough bone to place the dental implants – this will also establish where your nerves and sinuses are


    • On the day of treatment, we will place all your implants, numbing your mouth completely so you won’t feel any pain
    • Once the implants are fitted, we will check them, fit your replacement teeth, and make any necessary adjustments

    Permanent Restoration

    • You will need to see us for occasional check-ups over the next six months or so
    • When your gums have completely healed and your implants have bonded with the bone, we will take new impressions of your mouth and create a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth​
    • The final solution can include both removable and fixed prostheses
    • The fixed solution will include an implant bridge with porcelain or acrylic crowns cemented to the framework of the bridge
    • The removable solutions include over-dentures on an implant bar that is attached by a variety of attachment systems
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