About repairing teeth

Our team can help repair your teeth with a variety of solutions, from dental fillings to root canal treatment, our clinicians based in Cheltenham provide only the highest quality of care for our patients. Before any treatment plan, we will provide an initial consultation to take time to understand your needs and tailor treatment to suit you.

Teeth repairing treatments in Cheltenham

  • Dental fillings

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    Fillings are applied to small and developing cavities to restore your teeth back to health and halt serious decay in its tracks. They can restore decayed and damaged teeth and prevent further deterioration. Tooth coloured or white fillings can be used as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings to maintain a natural appearance in your teeth.

  • Root canal treatment

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    If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, you may require root canal treatment. You may also need root canal treatment if your tooth has become damaged or cracked, you have tooth decay, large fillings or have recently had a trauma to the tooth. These scenarios all leave your tooth open to infection. Root canal problems must be treated as soon as possible. Leaving the infection untreated causes a lot of pain and can be dangerous.

  • Inlays and Onlays

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    If you have damage to a tooth that cannot be fixed with a filling, our dentists can fit an inlay or onlay. This restorative dentistry covers the damage and restores your tooth to its natural looking state.

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