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private dentistry
& membership

Your general dental care in a beautiful relaxing environment

Relax knowing that you will have a healthy smile and fresh-breath confidence

Look no further for all your general dental care. At Cheltenham Dental Spa in the heart of Gloucestershire, we provide all the usual services you might expect from a private dental clinic.

With the added bonus we've created an environment that feels more like a luxury spa than a dental clinic and makes even the most nervous of clients feel at ease.

They are just a few of the reasons why more and more people in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds are choosing us, as their preferred dentist for them and their family's dental care.

  • Oral hygiene for fresh breath and confidence.
  • Dental check-ups.
  • Fillings and Crowns the same day.
  • Panoramic & Regular X-Rays.
  • Dental Emergencies.
  • Backed with our own affordable Membership Plan. Managing dental care so it doesn't bite into your finances when you least
    expect it!

Bite back with our affordable MEMBERSHIP PLAN

Dental emergencies always seem to occur when you need them least. After all, nobody can foresee those unexpected dental problem and certainly not problems that bring unforeseen bills with them.

  • A bad tooth ache.
  • A broken tooth.
  • A missing crown.
  • A tooth infection.

The treatment of these emergencies can hit you and your
wallet hard and even harder if you are away from home too.

By taking advantage of our beneficial Membership Plan you will have:

  • Peace of mind. It's nice knowing you're covered.
  • No unforeseen bills. Just manageable monthly instalments.
  • Includes your regular check-ups and hygiene appointments.
  • Emergency cover in the UK and Abroad.

Essentially it allows you to be in control of the costs related to your annual dental health care. By spreading the cost of your visits throughout the year, means you and your finances stay happy.

By paying a small amount each month will cover your general dental costs and include most dental emergencies.


Our dental professional thoroughly assesses your dental health so we can accept you into Membership. Once completed it means we are able to recommend the right level or levels of Membership that will suit you best.

We have 3 Levels to choose from starting with our Bronze Entry Level - Pay-as-you-Go. Widest possible choice of Membership to suit your personal needs.

Monthly payments start from as little as £11pm.

If you are a Student then flash us your Student Card you will be entitled to 25% discount too on your General Dental Care!


  • GOLD

We know that children can have unexpected dental problems too. So who better to help with these than the Tooth Fairy.

From the moment those baby teeth emerge until the cusp of adulthood we have a Plan that will keep you and your children covered so they can always be sure of getting the dental care they need - no matter where you are.

The Tooth Fairy Membership covers your child right up
until their 18th birthday.

  • TOOTH FAIRY £3.49 PM

    (baby teeth)
  • TOOTH FAIRY £5.99 PM

    (when adult teeth are coming through)

Tooth Fairy Membership covers routine dental
examination, oral hygiene advice, orthodontic advice
but does not include dental treatment fees.
For these please refer to the fees section.