Dental Implants in Cheltenham allow you to be care-free

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, it is our mission to provide the highest standard of contemporary dentistry and cosmetic procedures in an environment that reflects our calming, and considerate nature. For the past ten years our in house team of expert dental practitioners have been utilising their combined experience of over two decades worth of cosmetic dentistry experience. We provide the local residents of Cheltenham with a dental experience like no other. We pride ourselves on putting the unique needs and requirements of each of our patients at the forefront of everything we do. We offer a bespoke patient centred dental experience which caters to each individual patient, rather than opting for the one-size-fits-all approach that is favoured by many practices across the country. It is this commitment to providing such an extensive level of care and consideration for our patients that has helped us gain such a high level of esteem from within the local Cheltenham community.

Dental Implants in CheltenhamBridging the gaps

Dental implants in Cheltenham are a very popular alternative to sporting a gap where a tooth should be . This is a cosmetic procedure which is only general opted for in instances where teeth are damaged beyond repair – and act as a prosthetic solution to large gaps within a patient’s mouth. The process of installing dental implants initially begins with lengthy consultations between the patient and a practitioner whom they trust wholeheartedly, sharing a good rapport. During these informal consultations, the practitioner will cover the basics of the procedure, and once the patient is happy with the process, treatment can begin. The process of installing dental implants in Cheltenham initially beings with a small hole being drilled into the patient’s gum, in the gap where the missing tooth or teeth would be. Then a small titanium screw is placed into the hole and left to heal. After a brief healing period – during which time the titanium fuses with the bone in the patients gum – a replica tooth (or denture) constructed from porcelain or plastic is then screwed into place, and thus the gap is bridged with a lifelike tooth. Treatment of this sort can have a massively positive effect on a patient’s self-esteem and confidence as it restores their confidence and once again affords them the ability to smile fully – without being embarrassed by large gaps or spaces in their mouths.

Cosmetic alignment

We offer braces in Cheltenham in various forms . Cosmetic braces are particularly popular here amongst young adults and teenagers, as – unlike conventional ‘train-track’ braces, they do not affect the patient’s outward appearance, and are often removable and as such allow them the ability to undergo essential dental realignment discreetly. Here at Cheltenham Dental Spa we offer a range of cosmetic braces, including Incognito braces, Damon aligners and Clear braces. Incognito braces are similar to conventional fused ‘train-track’ braces in that they are fixed to the front of a patient’s teeth – however, rather than using clearly detectable alloy metal aligners, Incognito braces use clear see through plastic alloys that are far less visible when worn. Damon aligners are removable retainers that are custom fitted to the contours of a patient’s teeth, when worn, they gradually align the patient’s teeth to their correct specifications. Clear braces are again similar to Incognito braces, however they are constructed from white plastic that is colour matched to the pigment of the patient’s surrounding teeth, and as such makes them virtually undetectable when worn.