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When you have missing teeth, it can be a pain.

Not only does it dent your confidence when smiling, but it can also make eating more of a challenge than it needs to be; a serious obstacle if you like apples.

So, what can you do? Years ago, your dentist would have offered you a set of dentures to help improve the appearance of your smile and to help with chewing food. However, many people who wear dentures find that they rub uncomfortably against the gum line and there is a constant concern in relation to them falling out.

There is a solution. Our dental team can offer you dental implants in Cheltenham, which will stabilise your smile and minimise discomfort to your gums.

Why you should choose dental implants

When you come to our dental team for your dental implants in Cheltenham, there are many additional benefits that they will discuss with you.


When your dental implants in Cheltenham are fitted, you may be surprised at how secure they feel, especially if you have previously worn dentures. As the required prosthesis, such as a set of overdentures, is secured to screws in your jaw, it is impossible for your implants to move.

This means you will be able to laugh, eat and drink without worrying that your implants will fall out or move.


Another benefit of implants is improvement of speech. When wearing dentures, you may have found that you have begun to tense your facial muscles, in a bid to ensure that they do not move. This, along with the dentures themselves, can cause unusual speech patterns, similar to those if you have missing teeth that have not been restored.

As implants are fitted to your jaw(s), you will be able to speak without clenching facial muscles and as a result, your speech will improve.

Bone density

When you have a tooth removed, the bone that surrounded the tooth begins to recede. While this may not seem like an issue, a receded jawline can create problems for any surrounding teeth, causing them to move out of line or to change position in your mouth.

Implants encourage regrowth of lost bone tissue, meaning that your implants will never become insecure due to receding gum lines.


Our dentists will strive to ensure that any implants you have resemble your remaining teeth in shape, size and colour. If you have lost all of your natural teeth and are able to provide a photograph or previous dental records, your prosthesis can be matched to resemble teeth that you once had; you don’t get much more customised service than that.


After they have been fitted, your confidence will soar; you now have a set of immovable, natural looking, functional teeth in your mouth that look appealing and will inevitably cause you to smile more.

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