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We all do our best to avoid losing our teeth. However, sometimes teeth decay or crumble, or get knocked out. When they do, these days you have more choice about how to replace them than traditional dentures and bridges.

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, dental implants in Cheltenham provide a long-lasting alternative to dentures and fixed bridges. In recent years, dental materials and technology have greatly improved. Dental implants are one of the many modern advances that people are increasingly taking advantage of. So, no matter how many teeth you have lost, it’s worth finding out if dental implants would work for you.

Not sure what dental implants are?

Fair enough. Until you lose a tooth, there’s no need to know that dental implants are tiny posts or screws made of titanium. We put them into artificial sockets that we drill into your jawbone. Titanium is the material of choice for all implants, because it encourages the bone around the implant to grow new tissue and blood vessels. The new bone tissues grows all over the surface of the implant, meshing with it and firmly securing it in place. After a couple of months, the implant will provide a stable chewing base that is unparalleled by other artificial teeth such as dentures. Once the implants have integrated with the jawbone, replacement teeth can be fitted on top of them for a complete restoration of missing teeth. With good dental hygiene, dental implants in Cheltenham can last you a lifetime.

What to expect when you have dental implants fitted

At our practice, dental implants in Cheltenham are fitted by our highly trained implant surgeons using a local anaesthetic. This is usually ample to ensure minimum discomfort in an area that has fewer nerve endings than teeth. But we can give you sedation if you are anxious and will not be able to relax during the implant surgery.

While your implants are embedding in your jawbone, you can carry on as normal, wearing any artificial teeth you already possess, until you come back for us to fit your custom-made replacement teeth. After that, as long as you take care of your oral health, your implants should never need to be replaced.

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