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To have dental implants in Cheltenham is to regain the appearance and function of those teeth you have lost. At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we’ve been providing replacement teeth for many years using the techniques of implant dentistry. These teeth will fully integrate with your jawbone, and thus provide the same level of strength as your natural ones. As well as that, your new teeth will be fully customised so they fit in with your dental appearance, and perform their tasks effectively.

Making things better

Advances in dental technology mean that contemporary replacement teeth are of a high standard. Temporary solutions like dentures and bridges are carefully constructed from durable materials. However, dental implants provide a significantly longer-lasting solution with a welcome degree of user-friendliness. Once you’ve received your dental implants in Cheltenham, you won’t need to learn how to use clips or adhesives. The new teeth simply remain in your mouth. If you care for them properly, your dental implants in Cheltenham will last for decades.

Another advantage of dental implants in Cheltenham is that they help preserve your facial bone structure. After prolonged tooth loss, the bones beneath your face can deteriorate, which produces a sunken appearance. Implants help to prevent this process.

Receiving dental implants in Cheltenham

We’re always happy to talk to you about what the process of having implants means for you, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. When you’re ready, we’ll take detailed measurements of your mouth, so that your replacement teeth can be produced with precision. If your jawbone isn’t quite dense enough, we might need to do a bit of preliminary treatment to get you prepared.

Then we’ll place the implants – small, screw-like metal posts – into your jawbone during a minor surgical process. After a short rest, you’ll return to our practice to have the custom-made substitute teeth securely attached to the posts.

Dental implants in Cheltenham can be a major transformation in your overall experience of oral health. We can use them to replace any number of lost teeth, from a single one to the entire set.

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