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Losing your teeth can result in all sorts of consequences. It can alter your diet and you find yourself having to give up eating your favourite foods because your new teeth can’t cope with them. It can take up valuable time as you spend ages cleaning and storing your teeth instead of brushing them and sleeping with them in your mouth. It can mean having to budget every few years to replace your replacement teeth. And it can sometimes be mortifying when your replacement teeth start wobbling around in your mouth or even break and leave you toothless while you get new ones made.

At Cheltenham Dental Spa, we can help you avoid all the above hassles and embarrassments by fitting you with dental implants in Cheltenham. We can replace your teeth or even help you find a way to get your dentures to stop wobbling around.

Dental implants in Cheltenham are incredibly versatile. They can be used to replace one tooth, a few teeth, or even every single tooth in your mouth. One dental implant can support up to three teeth on a bridge, and we have ways of replacing all the teeth on one arch with between four and six implants.

The key to good replacement teeth

Replacing teeth is all about finding ways to make them stay still and withstand the powerful forces we create when we chew and bite into food. The key is to replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown and dental implants are the only method that really does this. Dentures rely on adherence to the gums for their stability. Even at their best, they only give about a quarter of the chewing power of real teeth. Bridges rely on being fixed to neighbouring healthy teeth for their stability, and that means grinding those teeth down to make them into buttresses. Two more teeth gone, in effect.

Dental implants in Cheltenham are embedded into the jawbone, and once they have integrated with the bone tissue, which takes several weeks, they can withstand chewing forces of more than the average male. Plus, they help preserve the integrity of the jawbone.

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