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Many patients refused orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth out of concern that the braces will appear unattractive or may be uncomfortable. Although traditional braces may be required in cases of extreme misalignment, there are many other options that our dentists can offer you at our surgery in Cheltenham.

Different types of braces

While many people think of the traditional metal braces when they think of orthodontic work, thank to advances and development in dentistry, there are now a wide range of braces available to help you get that perfectly straight smile. Our dental team are experienced at fitting many different types of braces in Cheltenham and can advise you on which type they think will help correct your smile to be shown to its best advantage!

Cosmetic braces

We offer a popular group of braces in Cheltenham known as the cosmetic brace. Particularly beneficial if you are older and have a high-powered career to worry about or you have mild to moderate misalignment, this group of aligners are often removable, are made from a clear but flexible plastic and are usually used for a shorter time period than orthodontic braces. You can get these discreet almost invisible braces in Cheltenham and with our flexible payment plans, you can spread the cost, so all you have to do is focus on getting that great smile you deserve. Cosmetic braces offer an alternative, minimalist solution to correcting mild misalignments, without making you feel self-conscious and can correct your smile within 6 months.

Orthodontic braces

While cosmetic, minimalistic braces would be the obvious choice for many patients, sometimes more work is required, and our orthodontic specialist will advise you to undergo orthodontic brace treatment.

Don’t despair; in recent years, the length of time people wear orthodontic braces for has dropped, as many orthodontists prefer to switch their patients to a clear or cosmetic brace to complete the later stages of the realignment treatments. Also, if you are a younger person or if you are a parent whose child is about to undergo orthodontic work, once this treatment is complete, you or your child will be set for life! No further alignment work should be required; your smile will always be straight, so this type of work is extremely beneficial to your confidence in the long run.

Also, if you have an issue with jaw alignment, this can be identified and corrected with orthodontic work and once again, once this has been done, you will benefit from a stronger and more accurate bite in the future.

At Cheltenham Spa Dental & Implant Clinic, we want to help you gain the best experience you can out of any cosmetic or orthodontic work in the long term. Our team of friendly dentists in the practice will recommend the best treatment for you and help you get that winning smile you have always wanted.

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