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implant dentistry
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Dental Implants
From £1950

Dental Implants in Cheltenham - the effective and successful solution to replace missing teeth or stabilize a Denture

  • New teeth are custom-made to match your existing teeth
  • Our advanced technology gives you results in one day
  • Made and fitted without the discomfort of traditional impressions
  • Dental Implants = stable dentures
  • Dental Implants = so much more confidence
  • Dental Implants = 98% oral functionality
  • Dental Implants = confidence to speak, laugh and eat with ease
  • Dental Implants = eating all the foods you love without fear
  • Dental Implants = secure and strong as real teeth
Feeling embarrassed to smile, eat or speak in public because of your missing teeth?

We know how missing teeth or a loose denture can seriously undermine your confidence and self-esteem.


When teeth are missing or a denture doesn't fit as snuggly as it should, biting and chewing can be a real problem. This often means you avoid foods that are too difficult to eat for fear of embarrassment.

The solution to bone density

Have you been told your bone density is low making it impossible to place a dental implant?


This is often the case when a tooth has been lost, it can lead to loss of bone density too. This makes it impossible to place an Implant successfully.

Do your dentures move and give you sore gums?

You're not alone. Many people needlessly put up with problems associated with ill-fitting dentures. If eating out is something you avoid because you live in dread of food being trapped under your denture...


We can honestly say: you don't have to put up with it

Dental Implants in a Day

One of the many premium services we are able to offer here at Cheltenham Dental Spa.


By using cutting-edge dental technology we are one of the few Dental Practices in the Cotswolds who can design, create and fit Dental Implants in 1 day.